Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Crossfit session 3

Warm up

Anything you like! I did skipping, squats and shoulder rolls, then we had to do some dead-lifts to warm up for the WOD.


800metre run
21 Dead-lifts (15kg in plates and then whatever the bar weighs, could have gone heavier though)
21 Chin-ups (Using a blue and a red band - which are these giant rubber bands to help counter-balance your body weight if you can't do unassisted chin-ups)
21 Sit-ups (I was just using an ab-mat but everyone else was doing GHD situps
15 Dead-lifts
15 Chin-ups
15 Sit-ups
9 Dead-lifts
9 Chin-ups
9 Sit-ups


So in total 1.6km run, 90 Dead-lifts, 90 Chin-ups and 90 Sit-ups!!

Then the trainer made me practice my double-unders cuz I can't even do one.. and still can't! I think I'll have to buy a skipping rope and practice, although that's not really going to work in the flat so I'm going to have to look dumb in the local park or something!

I didn't have a issue with the run, the dead-lifts or the sit-ups (although I had to take breaks) but the chin-ups weren't good. My form was dreadful, but to be fair the most chin-ups I've ever done in my life is probably 10!!

Today I can't lift my left arm above shoulder height and my right bicep and forearm are sore, tomorrow is going to be hell I reckon!! Luckily I'm not going again til Monday so I'll have time to recover.

This chick is one of the trainers:, if I can end up looking even half like that I'll be happy!

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