Saturday, 20 September 2014


Wow, looks like I haven't blogged in over year and I'm still struggling with the same crap I was in my last post! That's a bit lame really.

I guess lots and not much has happened since then. Work is the same old, I've been temporarily promoted to a manager role so I'm now just better paid and more stressed. I'm definitely looking to get out of there though, I've wasted far too much of my life doing something I really don't have that much interest in and not doing what I am really passionate about. As ever though, there's a lack of jobs in that field, but I'll just keep looking. I will have to take a significant pay cut to move jobs into the environmental field though, so it's tempting to just try and stick it out until my higher duties ends next year, which will also be around the time that I finish uni, so that might make it easier to get a job too.  We shall see.

So I'm still studying, 4 years so far I think. I've only got two more subjects to go though, so the end is in sight (half way through 2015). The subject I'm doing at the moment is good, it's environmental impact monitoring and we're off on a 5 day field trip next week to Melbourne Uni's Dookie campus, which is an agricultural campus near Shepparton. We get to do monitoring projects on a farm, so it should be fun, although there's a 2000 word essay due at the end of the 5 days which will be less fun. Either way it's got to be better at being at work.

My life lately has pretty much just been work and uni. I've really been struggling to make it to Crossfit, I have been working late and then getting home late so I stay up late to try and get some study in and then I can't get up early enough to get there, or there's meeting at 9am which means I can't go etc. etc. I'm trying to turn it around now though, I'm hoping now it's lighter in the mornings it will be easier to make myself get up and go before work and I'm also trying not to stay at work too long too as well. Plus I'll be on Uni holidays after the end of October too, so that'll be a huge help. I went on Thursday this week and my abs are still too sore to cough now! That's the price you pay for non-attendance.

I guess one thing I did this year was going overseas, that was fun. Glenn and I went to the UK for a wedding, then Amsterdam, Germany and the Czech Republic. I highly recommend the Czech Republic, it's gorgeous and has delicious and cheap food and beer. The wedding was heaps of fun, at Kew Gardens in London.

One thing that happened last year that's still affecting me this year was the breakdown of a significant friendship. Lots of things had happened over the years and it had probably been a long time coming but it just fell apart quite suddenly, mostly through my own doing I'm sad to say.  It felt kind of like a breakup and really the only way I've been able to deal with it is by avoiding that person as much as possible until I get over it, which is quite difficult when they seem to go everywhere and hang out with everyone. I guess I'd like us to be okay with each other, or at the very least I'd like it to not be difficult and stressful and awkward to see them, but it's certainly not there yet and it's meant missing out on quite a few events.

So instead of hanging out with friends, this year I've been spending more time at the farm with my dad, which has been really nice. It's also a good time of year up there at the moment, not too hot and all the cows are calving, so there's cute calves running around everywhere. Another good thing that's happening is that my brother's wife is about to have a baby, so that's something exciting to look forward to. She's due on Tuesday actually, so it will probably happen while I'm up at Dookie.

Another thing that's happening is that Glenn and I are vaguely talking about moving in together, mostly to see if we can do it, cuz if we can't then we should probably break up!I think the biggest issues will be hours (he's a night owl and I'm in bed by 11) and cleanliness, I'm not super clean but he's grotty! I think we might get a cleaner. My lease doesn't run out until March or April, so there's still quite a bit of time before we really decide what we're doing.

So there, that's what's been going on. Lots and nothing all at once! I'm going to try and keep posting on here, mostly to keep sane, but we'll see how that goes after the last couple of tries!

Oh and I totally failed that 90 day food challenge from my last post btw! (and probably another couple of challenges after that too).

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